About Upbeat Times

The Upbeat Times began production of the good news and information in February of 1998. Originally test marketed in Fort Bragg, California, it became evident it was to be widely enjoyed by those who were tired of the same old bad news headlines available on every corner of literally every street in every town everywhere. Originally the Upbeat Times & Shopper, the paper graduated to the Upbeat Times when I moved back to Sonoma County with my new wife and daughter.

With only $1000 and an idea in 2001, I went around to all my former advertisers, friends and family and proposed the concept to them all with very warm responses and dozens of sponsorship's and advertising support. This was just the catalyst I needed to expand to well over 300 locations by the spring of 2002.

The great part of the paper is of course is our focus on what is going right in our world, county, communities and cities everywhere. The infusion of quotes, jokes, weird facts and humor has only fueled the desire to obtain an issue of Upbeat Times that comes out only 12 times per year. We could also not publish this paper without all the great writers we have and they continue to to come to us offering their perspective of good news. 

Also highly important is our growing readership, now well over 100,000 monthly, and rising! In addition to the readership is the number of locations, now in excess of 1000!

We currently have a plan in process to licence the Upbeat Times in neighboring counties. It seems people are very interested and hungry for good news in their communities.


Paul Andrew Doyle

(707) 494-1767

The Upbeat Times prides itself for being a paper that is community oriented, but without all the bad news and tragedy. 
Our motto, " No bad news iis...Good news!, walks the walk. We call it good news! You can find jokes, facts & quotes on nearly every page as well as great writers! Like a drop of water that sends ripples, we know Good News does the same! ~ P.A.D.