~ The rates shown here are for agencys and regular business owners and the general public.
~ These rates are also for any special section we have such as Spring Guides, Fall Guides, Holiday Guides and our new Paper Upbeat's Uptown Entertainment.
~ We meet most of our advertisers before they run ads with us to see if they are a match for Upbeat Times. Positive, friendly and full of integrity along with an UPbeat Attitude!

Ad spec requirements

For all camera ready art: Please submit art at leaset 300 DPI ~ CMYK ~ PDF is best, but TIFF & JPG is acceptable! You can submit ad below.

Camera Ready Art Submit HERE


We will let you know when we receive ad!

Deadline for Camera ready Art is always the 20th of the month preceding any Month!


If you want to get an advertisement in for the July issue, we'll need it by June 20th!

Size Measurements:

 Ad Shapes:

~ Our rates include your ad on the web, links to our online paper and of course, FREE PR every month (if you want) as long as you are an advertiser! The value is huge for the one rate! Plus we design your ad for FREE!

~ If you run just one ad, we don't have an agreement. For 3 or more ads we do.

If you have any questions CALL ME direct on cel phone at 707-494-1767 or E-mail me at paul@upbeattimes.com

Color corrospond to the sizes & Shapes